Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Herbert Family

I love families! I love to see how they interact with one another!  This family was no different!  There are NINE children and two grandchildren! What a great group and they had so much fun together!  This was a fun session because I had an assistant (over the age of 6!) – my mom came with me and it was so nice to have an extra set of eyes and hands!!





Jen’s son took this picture – so cute!

HerbertFamilyWEB133  HerbertFamilyWEB006 HerbertFamilyWEB011 HerbertFamilyWEB020 HerbertFamilyWEB034 HerbertFamilyWEB035 HerbertFamilyWEB051 HerbertFamilyWEB053   HerbertFamilyWEB062 HerbertFamilyWEB071 HerbertFamilyWEB081 HerbertFamilyWEB089 HerbertFamilyWEB097 HerbertFamilyWEB103 HerbertFamilyWEB107 HerbertFamilyWEB109 HerbertFamilyWEB114 HerbertFamilyWEB122